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Dong Hae Industries Co. Ltd

Dong Hae Industries is a global leading manufacturer of power system hardware and fittings since 1994.

Dong Hae, as a manufacturer of electrical products such as EHV to LV Power Transmission and Distribution System Hardware and Connectors, Steel Tower, Earthing and Lightning Protection Materials & Clamps, and as a wholesaler of products such as Insulators, Cable Trays, Lightning Fixtures and other electrical construction work materials, has been actively engaged in this field since 1994.

Ivory Power is a trading representative and dealer for Dong Hae Industries Co. Ltd products.



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Transmission Line Hardware - Tension and Suspension String
  • Suspension String Hardware
  • Compression Type
  • Tension String Hardware
  • Bolted Type
Substation Power Connectors
  • Bolted Connector
  • Welded Connector
Earthing & Lightning Materials
  • Earthing Clamps and Connector
  • Cadweld Products
  • Cadweld Tools
  • Lightning Rod
  • Earthing Rod

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