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Getra Power SpA

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Getra Power is a group company engaged in manufacturing of high voltage, high power and medium power transformers, transformers for industrial and special applications and interconnection systems for high voltage electrical grids.

Getra is now a partner of the main contractors and utilities operating in the electricity production and distribution sector. Ivory Power has been the exclsuive trading partner and dealer for Getra Power SpA products in the United Arab Emirates.

Getra Power


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Range Products

  • Step-up Transformers up to 750 MVA – 750 kV
  • Transformers with specific requirements for Nuclear Power Plants
  • Transformers and Autotransformers for Transmission Networks
  • Transformers for HVDC Converters
  • Phase Shifting Transformers
  • High Voltage Power Factor Correction Reactors
  • High Voltage Medium Power Transformers
Production Capacity

  • 15,000 MVA / Year

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